About Dr. Diana Abraham

Dr. Diana Abraham was drawn to a life of public service at a young age and has long dreamed of becoming a leader in her community of Parker, Texas.  After many years of personal and professional development, Diana ran and was successfully elected as the first Asian American city councilwoman in Parker, Texas in May 2019 and is now running for re-election to her second term in May 2021.

 For the past two years, Diana served on Parker’s City Council in various capacities and oversaw the successful advancement and implementation of various city initiatives and programs designed to help Parker residents maintain a high standard of living in Parker’s “Uniquely Country” atmosphere, while also ensuring that residents’ concerns, questions, and solutions for various long-standing issues are addressed and incorporated when feasible or appropriate.  In particular, Diana through her oversight of Parker’s Emergency Communications Committee was able to work collaboratively with the Parker Police Department, Parker Fire Department, and City management to improve and advance Parker’s emergency communications system during emergency and non-emergency situations affecting the city and its residents.  Throughout the past two years and despite various challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Diana and the Parker emergency services team were able to introduce, for the first time,  a comprehensive emergency communications software program known as “Everbridge” to Parker residents.  Everbridge has a proven success record in various other Texas cities as being an effective emergency and non-emergency alert and communication platform for residents.  During the unexpected and unprecedented ice storm in February 2021, Everbridge was deployed by city management in an effort to provide a mode of immediate and updated communication with residents during the storm.  While the city will be working on encouraging and assisting residents to utilize this service for future events, the availability and utilization of the program demonstrates Diana’s persistence in ensuring that some form of modern and effective communication platform is available to all residents in the event of an unexpected event.  If given the opportunity to continue serving Parker as a city councilwoman, Diana hopes to further develop emergency preparedness plans with Parker’s emergency services departments and city management in order to ensure that Parker residents are safe, secure, and equipped to handle future natural disasters, dangerous weather events, disruptive power or water outages, and other events that can adversely affect the city on a large scale.   

Diana was born in Elmhurst, New York.  She later moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,  where she spent the majority of her childhood.  In 1997, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Psychology.  In 1999, she earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.  Diana later received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Forest Institute, with specialties in Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology.

Although a Neuropsychologist, Diana’s passion for law enforcement has significantly shaped her professional career.  To this end, she has spent the better part of two decades working in law enforcement and has extensive training/experience in the fields of crisis management and intervention, emergency management, disaster preparedness, hostage negotiations, and suicide prevention.

While assigned to the US Embassy in New Delhi, India, Diana spent several years serving in a diplomatic role.  Working in that capacity, Diana was required to efficiently and effectively manage multiple job functions. She gained invaluable first-hand experience in diplomacy, while dealing with issues that impacted the United States on a political, economic, or national security level.  

In 2016, following the completion of her diplomatic assignment, Diana and her family returned to the United States and moved to Parker, TX.  It has proven to be a wonderful decision!  Diana and her family love and appreciate Parker’s small town feel and the close-knit community environment. 

Diana and her husband, Johnson, are blessed with two beautiful girls (Gabriella and Annabella).  As their strong Christian faith dictates, Diana and her family believe selflessness and public service are of the utmost importance.  This belief system, coupled with her education and professional experience, has motivated Diana and influenced her desire to promote a peaceful, close-knit, fiscally responsible community in Parker.  If provided the opportunity for a second term, Diana will seek to lead by example, taking direction from her fellow residents to ensure the concerns and priorities of the greater community remain at the forefront of the Parker City Council. 

Diana’s Goals

Promote a responsive approach to governance in Parker, in order to ensure the city remains fiscally responsible, yet capable of adapting to change resulting from Parker’s growth and expansion.

Ensure the city is able to provide/deliver essential high-quality services to its residents, by monitoring and prioritizing issues related to utility services, transportation, new development, and public safety.

Facilitate a transparent, collaborative, strategic, and open-minded approach for addressing any issues/ concerns raised by Parker residents, to the City Council.

Ensure that Parker’s emergency communications and services are adequately resourced, equipped, and prepared to independently handle unexpected and potentially disastrous emergency events for city residents and infrastructure, without relying on unpredictable county, state, or federal assistance.

Strengthen the existing values and beliefs of the Parker community by prioritizing the needs of residents and ensuring important decisions are made using a democratic decision-making process.

Maintain Parker’s idyllic country lifestyle with large acre lots, open fields, and close knit communities.